“Knowledge is only a rumour until it lives in the muscle.” - Asaro tribe, Papua New Guinea

Do you want to restore energy and calm?

I work primarily with people who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and sufferers of stress or anxiety-related conditions. You will probably have had prolonged periods of pressure in your life. You may have analysed (even over-analysed) your situation, finding yourself unable to take action towards the solution(s) you want.

I will help you create a life you love

Over three days of state-of-the-art training, you can learn how to have energy on demand, how to access calm and focus even in challenging situations; the ability to ‘be in the driving seat’ of how your mind and body respond. These are practical tools/techniques you can utilise to become even better at things you are already good at.

I work with Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy techniques, to help you get the results you want. I support you with follow-up coaching calls for a whole year after the training, to ensure you maintain the changes. That is my commitment to you.

Get unstuck for life

I get to the bottom of what’s keeping you stuck, fast. Then I teach you the tools to transform your thoughts and make them work for you.

Years of Experience

Years of coaching, and decades of experience have taught me this is a fast, gentle and empowering way to effect far-reaching change.

Hundreds Helped

Hundreds of people have made huge leaps forward and had their lives transformed by using this process. Hear some of their experiences.