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Testimonials that you can verify

All of the recommendations below are from clients who have written in their own words, about their experiences of my training and coaching. You can verify this for yourself because these testimonials also appear on Linkedin, and demonstrate that these are real people, and that these testimonals can only appear as they are written. So, please have a look through these recommendations below:

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Written testimonials

Rosie Jackson, Ph.D., writer.

Independent Writing and Editing Professional

"I spent months procrastinating about starting work with Ben Oakley, even though he’d been very highly recommended by someone I trust, and an initial chat with him left me very impressed. But I felt I’d tried everything and was dubious about throwing away more money in what might be a false lead. As it was, it turned out to be one of my best investments in myself, and I don’t regret a penny. 
Within two weeks of the three day training, I was less stressed, sleeping more easily (after 20 years of chronic insomnia), had followed through some crucial decisions about work and health, and had embarked on a new relationship (after several years of intending to start website dating but never getting round to it). My life in general has become more focussed, energised and on purpose. Most importantly of all, I feel creative and happy. 
The sessions themselves were engaging, if intense, and Ben had to do serious battle with many of my blocks to change, but with his persistence, ingenuity and expertise, he won. I’d describe it as a steady stream of ginseng being fed into my psyche, and a speedy shedding of negative thoughts and unhelpful habits. With Ben’s generous scheme of free phone mentoring over the next year, it feels sustainable. He’s an intelligent force on the side of life and love, and I can’t recommend him highly enough."

June 14, 2014

Olivia Heininger

Student, Cambridge University

"What Ben does for people is incredible and I have never been as keen to recommend anyone more. Not only is he an expert in his field, he is friendly, supportive and sensitive. Anyone with anxiety or energy issues, for example caused by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, MUST go and see him for training. I got over my ME in a matter of months after seeing Ben and have no doubt that he would be able to repeat for anyone with this problem. Do not be put off by the cost, it's nothing compared to having your life back and Ben can help you achieve this."

June 8, 2014

Richard Grey

Partner at Evolving Organisation

"I enjoyed meeting Ben. His work is amazing. The results instant. His availability and facilitation of follow-up has been greatly appreciated."

March 22, 2013

Katherine T Owen

Spiritual Writer, Poet, Health writer, Article writer, Radio show guest, Website: How to live with illness, how to heal.

"What did I get from the Process with Ben Oakley?

Ben was willing to accept me at the level of physical ability I had at the time. It was a huge challenge for me to attend the 3 day course. Each time we ran through the Process taught by Ben he asked if I was able to get out of the wheelchair. When I said no he did not pressure me to do so.

He believed I could do great things and taught me to coach myself with the same belief.

He focused on what I was doing well and taught me to do the same.

He had total belief that it was possible for me to recover from M.E. and recover quickly, and transferred this belief to me.

I felt he really cared about those of us on the course and was intensely passionate about the Process and what it could do for us.

Following the course it meant a lot to me to know I was going to receive the two follow up calls, and the coaching they included.

I was hugely impressed with Ben as a coach: his confidence, his knowledge and his passion. I recommend him highly.

What were the consequences for me from doing the Process with Ben?

For 14 years I had severe M.E. to the point where I could not feed myself, had little speech, a commode by the bed and could not watch TV. I had severe chemical and electrical sensitivities.

On the second day of the Process, I collapsed and thought I would have to stop. Ben Oakley led me through the Process, and I was able to continue.

On the third day I started walking.

Since then my muscles have no longer collapsed. I was able to build up my activity to the point where a year on, I let go of all personal care.

Since my dramatic improvement, I have gained a diploma in NLP. I have set up a successful website, have published a book, and have performed poetry and given readings and talks of my work across the UK.

It is important to me to give the context for my dramatic improvement. I had spent three years building up my faith for healing using Christian scriptures. I had many moments of knowing that health is our entitlement and would become manifest. In these moments I relaxed in not having to know how it would come about – would it be a miracle in church or at home, would it be through the Process? For myself spiritual surrender was the journey and gift I received in a time of severe M.E. The Process, led by Ben Oakley, was the trigger for my recovery.

March 21, 2013

Monique de Voss

Owner Departures

"I attended Benjamin's three day course in March 2013. I wanted to be able to sleep well at night, and be able to respond better to chalenges. It was clear to met that I was working too hard, leading to a frozen shoulder. I had long suffered from insomnia and was delighted to get a good night's rest after only the first day of training. I learnt how to quickly change my feelings in challenging situations; to be clear-minded and efficient whenever I choose. Being in the "driving seat" of my emotions when I need it most, is one of the real benefits of the training. I got to practice every day, with feedback on how to fine-tune my progress. Benjamin gave me brilliant coaching tips too on how to prioritise my time and design simple overviews towards important goals. Even after a few days I am able to respond in creative new ways. And it's great to have Benjamin's commitment to have an inclusive coaching service for a whole year.

March 12, 2013

John Corr

Applying Mobile, Big Data & Digital innovations to grow revenues, cut costs & enhance core business processes

"Ben has achieved some absolutely remarkable results in enabling a close family member recover from Chronic Fatigue syndrome ('ME'). From being bed bound for 2 years (whilst undergoing completely ineffective treatment at a leading NHS clinic) to getting their life back within the 3 days with Ben. Please email me or phone me for a personal reference."

January 7, 2013

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